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“Eat with pleasure not with guilt so every time Eat healthy Stay healthy” Daal Makhni to Makhana kheer, from raita to makhana curry, we all must have eaten these but we can’t forget our mama’s recipe makhana roasted in ghee with a pinch of salt and black pepper as an evening tea-time snack ummmm….mouth watering isn’t it. So,

Invictus ARSV Private Limited under its Brandname “ Royal, Supreme, Fasal, Uttam, Pearl, Fresh & Shuddh ” brings the Finest Quality Makhana in your plate . Together we will make a bond to stick together from your kitchen to office drawers so that you don’t forget to eat our Makhana because we TRUST IN US.

Makhana was limited to religious purposes, festivals, offered to Gods and Goddesses as Prasad before but in last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in the demand Makhana all across the globe. Waking up to the innumerable health benefits, Makhana has been in demand both in Domestic and International markets now consumed in countries including USA, UK, European Union, Australia, New Zealand to name a few.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”.John Ruskin

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